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Wedding photographers, there are lots of us out there! How on earth do you pick the right one? Who do you want there with you on your super important big day, someone who feels more like a really talented friend than someone you're paying? We hope that’s us! 

 We do things a bit differently, we love working with couples who really get why good photos are important and who love real moments in a relaxed and journalistic style. You won't even notice us most of the day, were like ninjas hiding behind trees with long lenses and commando crawling to get the best photos we can. (check the outtakes to see some of these behind the scenes shots!) We love using little extras like smoke and confetti bombs and have a back catalogue of cheeky jokes to make you belly laugh all day long, you won't see any boring or cheesy photos from us.  

 You love the little details, a good laugh and some cracking banter, totally rock your own style no matter what anyone else says and are up for our crazy photo ideas! A good outtake moment makes you giggle and the thought of standing around doing posed shots of millions of family you haven't seen since you were six anyway fills you with dread! If this sounds like you then awesome, we are going to be great together!  

When you book us, you get one kick ass double act who bounce ideas off each other like ping pong balls on steroids. Find out some more about whos behind the cameras below and check out our video for a flavour of just how fun we really are. We would love to chat more so drop us a line and lets talk! 


(all about Rachel written by Helen!)

I always loved Rachels style of shooting weddings, her eye for detail and total nerdiness, her love of all things sci fi, anything purple and crazy shoes drew me in and I had to find a way to work with her. 

Now I have the best job ever! Rachel is one of the most genuinely lovely, fun and talented humans I've ever met. I've never seen anyone work harder than Rachel, she will go above and beyond for her clients and really loves what she does. I would describe us working together as brownies and ice cream, great separately but together total perfection! 


(all about Helen written by Rachel!)

Everyone should get themselves a Helen!  She's an amazing photographer, a great friend and is the funniest most sarcastic person (apart from me) that I know and I love her for it! The banter in the studio is second to none when she's around and my crazy dog loves her as well.  

We met long ago at a baking class and life just seemed to bring us together more and more over the years until she somehow ended up coming to work with me. We don’t just share a love of photography though, we share a love of camping under the stars, tattoos, pin badges, exploring old buildings and old stuff in general, glittery trainers and vintage clothes.